Dust Collective




Would you like to submit a book or book idea?

We are currently accepting proposals for books to become part of Dust Collective.

Dust Collective is made up of talented, self-motivated photographers, who focus time in their studio practice on the production of handmade books. 

Many, but not all, of the books in Dust Collective are side projects that artists are working on, in addition to their main body of work.

Please to take a look at the books in our book store to get a feel for the aesthetic we promote. Many books explore traditional and historic photography and bookmaking methods. 


There are two methods for project submissions.

Option A: Send completed handmade book, and I will market and sell it. Artist receives 60% of the profits. This is a good option for artists who already employ bookmaking in their studio practice, and have a good idea of how they would like their book to be made. Example

Option B: Send image files, and I will design and make your book. Specifics such as edition size, price, and design will vary between projects, and will be decided in conversation with the artist. The artist receives one copy of the book, and 25% of the proceeds. This is a good option for artists who do not have access to printing facilities, or are unfamiliar with bookmaking techniques. Example

I usually look for projects that can be made in an edition of between 15-30, and are affordably priced.

Send a note about the project, and a couple of images to Emily at dust.collective.books@gmail.com